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In Conversation With Ms. Deepa Mallesh, Founder & Director of Byond Brandinn Private Limited

Date: July 08, 2020

Ms. Deepa Mallesh is the Founder & Director of Byond Brandinn Private Limited. She is experienced in multiple fields of sports management with a specific focus on Sports Branding and Marketing. Ms. Mallesh works across various segments for first-class sports leagues such as Indian Premier League, ICC Cricket World Cup, Ultimate Table Tennis, Indian Super League, and more. Her innumerable skills include Sales & Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Market Research, Operations, etc. She has demonstrated working knowledge across various functions, which include digital marketing, branding, strategy development, league operations, venue activation, media planning, PR, franchise liaison, talent management, advertising, production, and sponsorship consulting.

In this talk, Ms. Mallesh touches upon the many aspects of the Sports industry, including skills required, career paths, and entrepreneurship opportunities. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the talk on Instagram.

Workshop by Mr. Parminder Gill, Co-Founder and Head of Business, Sportz Village

Mr. Parminder Gill is the co-founder of Sportz Village Schools (a part of Sportz Village Foundation), India’s No. 1 sports education organization. Sportz Village uses sports to drive change in health and education and empowers (currently over 7,00,000) school children across the country.

Parminder Gill 30x23 - Workshop by Mr. Parminder Gill, Co-Founder and Head of Business, Sportz Village

As one of the country’s leading experts in sports education, Mr. Gill has been invited by CII, FICCI, NITI Aayog and other leading public-private bodies for his inputs on the subject for different programs. He is also a visiting faculty at Azim Premji University, where he teaches a course on sports education at the postgraduate level. Mr. Gill has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Pune, and a Master’s degree in Management from Arizona State University.

2 30x23 - Workshop by Mr. Parminder Gill, Co-Founder and Head of Business, Sportz Village

Two things immediately stood out during his interaction with the students,

  1. The ease with which he connects and interacts with people
  2. His business knowledge with a strong philanthropic drive

Right through the two-hour Sports Management workshop, students were encouraged to think and engage. The climax of the workshop was a business case that was assigned to the students. Topics varied from pitching a concept to a potential sponsor from the view of an NGO to organizing a youth-level tournament whose focus is on development of the sport at the grassroots level to identifying an event/tournament/sport to associate with from the perspective of a brand looking to use the partnership.

These exercises were intended to provide students with an inside look into how the industry functions. The various challenges and how one can overcome them. The workshop might have been only a couple of hours long, but the knowledge given to the students will surely go a long way.

3 30x23 - Workshop by Mr. Parminder Gill, Co-Founder and Head of Business, Sportz Village

We would once again like to thank Mr. Parminder Gill for taking the time to share his knowledge and conduct a very interesting and useful workshop with the students.

7 Reasons to Choose Sports Management

There is tremendous potential in the sports industry. Viewership, sponsorships, and job opportunities are significantly increasing by the year. As a sports enthusiast who would like to make a career in this domain, your best bet to succeed is to choose an MBA in Sports Management program from one of the top management colleges in Bangalore, MBA ESG.

Sports is not a field that parents usually encourage their children to pursue a career in. Of course, that’s unless their child is a gifted athlete. And then too, there are second thoughts about whether their child will get a good job or make the state team or national team to actually succeed. Athletes aside, there are those who enjoy sports immensely and want to be a part of the industry in some way or another. Their parents too have the same thoughts about them making a lucrative career in sports.

These fears would have been valid a decade ago when India was more of a cricket-centric nation and hardly gave importance to other sports. However, now the landscape has totally transformed. Sports is slowing becoming an integral part of the nation’s DNA; and we have various leagues, clubs, and companies to showcase this growth.

In fact, the Indian sports industry, growing at 15% per annum, is one of the fastest in the world, according to POWA Index.

This growth has created opportunities in administration, management, and operations. As such, there is a need for professionals to handle these departments. Hence, it is the right time to begin a career in sports management. Many top management colleges in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and other big cities have also begun to offer programs in sports management.

Here are 7 reasons to choose a sports management master’s program.

1.Thriving Sports Industry in India

As stated above, the Indian sports industry is growing at an enormous pace (15%) when compared to the global rate, which stands at 5%. Sports viewership touched 48 billion in impressions in 2018 alone. The IPL alone raked in 700 million viewers in 2018 – a 40% increase from 2017. With such huge viewership numbers, it’s no surprise that sponsorships too have increased. Non-cricketing sports have also found powerful investors. Football, the second most-followed sport in India, has seen a 64% spike in participation and attendance.

Fantasy sports have also begun to spark interest for fans and investors alike. According to the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) and AC Nielsen, there are currently about 20 million fantasy sports users and this number is estimated to grow to over 100 million by 2020.

The sports and fitness goods market, as a result of increased awareness about fitness and health, was valued at US$ 3,621 million in 2017. This value is projected to reach US$ 6,054 million by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 9.0% during 2019-2024, according to an IMARC Group report titled “Indian Sports and Fitness Good Market Research Report 2019-2024”.

Going by these numbers, it is evident that India is nurturing a multi-billion-dollar sports industry. And every growing industry needs professionals who can adapt to, adjust, and advance it.

2.Better Growth

Despite progress in the field of education, Indian parents still don’t want their children taking up sports as a career. As such, many would not choose this field despite having an avid interest in it. This creates less competition for those who do tread this path. By joining a master’s program in sports management, you make a space for yourself to succeed. You will be well-versed in the nuances of the sports industry and understand how it works.

You also get to participate in internships, seminars, workshops, conferences, and other activities that involve people from the industry. You will be able to network with people that you’ve envisioned meeting. And such opportunities are far fewer for those who choose to take up something ‘safer’. By networking with people from your industry, you’ll be able to learn the ropes faster, apply them better, and become successful sooner.

3.Diverse Specializations

Sports teams and organizations are made up of a number of roles functioning as a unit. As sports is about connections, engagement, and entertainment, there are opportunities in each and every one of these sections to grow.

There are a multitude of paths you can choose with Sports Management. If contact negotiations, compliance, and law are your interests, then you can choose to become a sports lawyer. Your inclination towards hospitality or food services can lead you to a career in concessions management. Operations can be a career option if you like overseeing game-day operations and managing teams.

4.Global Career Opportunities

Sport is a global endeavour. There are numerous sporting events in the world that require extensive management professionals. World Cups, The Olympics, Tour de France, Grand Prix, etc. are events that give you an opportunity to travel across the globe.

You can also always go where your favourite sport calls you to. For instance, you love baseball, but there aren’t any baseball leagues, clubs, or teams in India. You can find opportunities in countries like the United States where baseball is thriving from time immemorial.

You can find exotic opportunities such as managing a fitness resort in Bali, Indonesia or Mauritius and retire to a place of luxury and relaxation.

Even if you aren’t working for a single sport, you could be working for an organization that deals with international sporting events such as the Olympics. This will allow you to travel to multiple locations that’ll connect you with different cultures and businesses across the globe. And travelling the world for work is every person’s dream, isn’t it?


You can use the degree from your sports management master’s program to start your venture. Merchandizing is a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey in sports. There are numerous major and minor leagues in India in a wide array of sports. You can create a market for these sports as well as promote teams through merchandize. Merchandizing plays a crucial role in generating revenue for a sports team. T-shirts, banners, team flags, headbands, wristbands, badges, bags, etc. are a few of the merchandize that fans will enthusiastically purchase to support their favourite teams. You can expect greater revenue during game seasons.

You can also become an event manager for sports. Sports tournaments are just as well-known for their entertainment value as for the adrenaline rush they provide. You can plan events, schedule athlete interactions with fans, create fan engagement events, oversee marketing, and coordinate other activities before, during, or after a tournament.

Entrepreneurship is a great way to become an independent part of the sports industry. This means you are not bound by the rules and regulations of a company. You have the freedom to explore and enhance your business acumen. Not every sports management master’s program offers you the chance to dabble in entrepreneurship. However, the MBA in Sport Management from MBA ESG provides you the skills to become an entrepreneur.

6.Perfect for Sports Enthusiasts

Let’s face facts here. Not everyone who loves sports is an athlete. Not everyone is cut out to play on the field. But that doesn’t mean people cannot be interested in sports. They still have an undying passion for their favourite sport and, given the opportunity, would like to contribute to its betterment or at least be a part of it.

Sports management is a great way to become a part of the industry. It not only keeps you closer to the game but also lets you apply your skills to it. For instance, if you are a sports enthusiast who is great at churning numbers, why not try your hand at sports finance or finance administration in sports? If you love talking to people, why not take up sports PR? If organizing events is your forte, why not event management in sports?

There are different ways you can apply what you know to what you love.

And highly-ranked sports management master’s program will allow you to do it seamlessly. You have myriad options to combine two passions and create a lucrative and rewarding career for yourself with a master’s program in Sports Management.

7.Community Impact

It is not always an Indian Premier League, Premier Badminton League, or Pro Volleyball League that needs management professionals. Small leagues at the district- and state-levels also need managers to guide and grow sports at the grassroots levels. Sports clubs need administrators who know the ins and outs of the industry.

Managers at these levels have a good opportunity to make a significant impact on the game as a whole. Nurturing athletes, identifying areas of improvement, and creating an inclusive environment will create a positive ripple effect across the country. This, in turn, will open up newer opportunities for other young managers to take up careers in sports.

You too can become a part of the sports industry by joining MBA ESG, one of the best management colleges in Bangalore.

MBA ESG offers one of the top sports management master’s programs in India. The MBA in Sports Management program, ranked highly by Eduniversal, a French ranking and rating agency, is designed and developed according to the needs of the Indian sports industry. The program covers important branches of the sports industry such as merchandizing, financing, brand management, operations, retail, analytics, and much more.

If you would like to know more about the MBA in Sports Management program at MBA ESG,send us an enquiry

Rush Anniversary Cup 2019

Date: August 17, 2019

Location: Rush Arena, Rajajinagar, Bangalore’s highest 5 A Side Astroturf field

Event: Rush Arena Football Tournament

Purpose of the tournament: First anniversary of Rush Arena


  • Aakash Kar
  • Abhimanyu Chettri
  • Anand Rao
  • Darshan Yadav
  • Dewakar Karmakar
  • Marmik Pandya
  • Rohit Mukherjee
  • Shubham Agarwal

Format: Group and Knockout

About Rush Anniversary Cup 2019

Freedom came two days after Independence Day, for the students of MBA in Sports Management of ESG FC. After weeks of the drudgery of attending classes from 9 a.m.–5 p.m., the team spent the rainy weekend on the field playing a 5 A side tournament hosted by Rush Arena, Rajajinagar.

The team breezed past their opponents in the first match with a 2–0 victory, with one goal each to Anand and Aakash respectively. The game involved a lot of attacking prowess with dribbles from Anand, cheeky nutmegs by Abhimanyu, and tactical mastery from the heart of the midfield by Dewakar.  Other matches saw acrobatic saves from the goalkeepers, Rohit Mukherjee and Marmik Pandya. The goalkeepers were brilliant; Marmik’s quick reactions helped the team sail through the penalty shootout to the finals of the tournament.

The final match of the tournament was between Elite Football Academy and ESG FC. The two fought hard to win the cup. However, a quick counter-attack by Elite Football Academy helped them clinch the cup from ESG FC. The end of the tournament saw happy faces around the pitch. The show of sportsmanship and competition made the tournament an unforgettable event.


Sports Marketing Guest Lecture – Quentin Bravet

The Sports Marketing guest lecture was headed by Mr. Quentin Bravet, Associate Director at SEVEN, between July 15 and July 19, 2019.

Sports marketing is one of the most important facets of Sports Management. It helps in the promotion of sports teams and events as well as enables the advertising of products and services associated with them. Mr. Bravet, our visiting faculty, touched upon these topics through case studies, presentations, and his very own experiences in the industry.

The guest lecture was quite informative. Mr. Bravet did not stick to the syllabus, as what traditionally happens, and used a more hands-on approach. His session was immensely interactive as he used his real-life experiences to better explain sports marketing.

The best part of the session were the numerous case studies, presentations, and assignments. Besides being thought-provoking, they were also fun to do.

Unconventionally for a teacher, Mr. Bravet treated the students like professionals. This reiterates MBA ESG’s motto of creating professionals for the industry, not just graduates.

Students also experienced how to receive as well as provide constructive criticism of their work. Mr. Bravat was enthusiastic about helping them with their queries.

The session made it evident that a lot of research and work had gone into bringing it to the students in a manner they understood and could imbibe. The session provided more clarity about the path the students would like to pursue in the industry.

Sports management is an interesting and exciting career path for those passionate about sports. Learn more about MBA ESG’s Sports Management program .

Connect with Mr. QuentinBravet .

Sports Management Study Trip to Paris – Week Two

An overview of week two of the Paris trip of our MBA in Sports Management program.


  • La Camillienne

Agenda – To understand grassroots development in local arenas and how young kids are nurtured through sports.

La Camilliene 1024x682 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week Two

The visit helped us understand how young kids from different backgrounds of society are enrolled in different sports facilities. Students here are taught basic qualities of sports such as team building, unity, teamwork, leadership, etc. The management conducts different competitions and invites scouts for identifying young talent who can become players/athletes in the future. Through this grassroots initiative, we understood how the local government is providing amenities required for amateur-level sports. It is also tackling one of the biggest challenges in sports – that of offering children from different backgrounds the same facilities to grow.



  • Lacoste

Agenda – To know more about the company, its classification, and designing of sportswear, and future planning for major tournaments like Wimbledon, Olympics, and Paralympics.

Speaker – Nicolas Rakocevic, Global Sports Marketing Activation Manager, Lacoste

Lacoste - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week Two

The visit helped us understand the company’s focus on Tennis and Golf, its official partnership with Olympics and Paralympics 2024, and their primary target sales – footwear, eyewear, and undergarments. It also helped us understand how Lacoste is diversifying across the globe based on consumer interests and latest trends.

  • Sports Exposition

Agenda – To understand the importance of sports medicine, analysis, and biomechanics for players in different sports, and how it helped them grow.

The visit helped us understand the importance of sports for an individual’s fitness; the importance of how analysis, as well as sports, help players and individuals keep fit and fine, and how biomechanics is important in different sports. Seeing sports from a different angle i.e. from medical terms, and learning how workload is managed for the players was remarkable. We were able to gauge which particular part of the body gets more functional and which other parts get involved while playing a sport. Recognising the impact of sports in different age groups – from children to adults – was refreshing.



  • Guest Lecture by Jean Claude Sorge

Agenda – Discussion about the planning of previous Olympics, the importance of sports events, and how India is shaping up as a sporting nation.

JC Sorge Meeting 1024x683 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week Two

The session helped us understand the budgets and expenditure of previous Olympics and the reasons for loss. Based on the experience of previous Olympics, we saw how the 2024 and 2028 Games were shaping up. The importance of sports experts in the growth of the sporting culture in India was one of the main points of discussion. Conducting FIFA events is helping garner attention in the sports world. We discovered sports is a great business to invest in. We learnt that the revenue model of the Olympics and future plans are taken into account to make the entire event a grand success. The lecture was very informative. It showed us how to effectively plan a mega sports event like the Olympics in India.

  • U Arena a.k.a Paris La Défense Arena

Agenda – To understand the stadium model, technological implementations in the stadium, and revenue model of the arena.

Speaker – Benjamin Sorge, Sport Management Program Head

This is the 2nd largest indoor stadium in the world with a capacity of 30,000 (during games) and goes up to about 40,000 (during concerts). The stadium can be used for other sports and events such as rugby, ice hockey, basketball, and concerts, etc. There are 100 soundproof meeting rooms inside, which are rented on a per day basis at 450 euros per person. We learnt how revenues are earned and how the management team overcomes debts in a short period of time, making the stadium multi-functional and keeping the stadium functional. The same arena will be used for Olympics 2024.



  • Lagardère Sports and Entertainment

Agenda – To understand the business around sports entertainment, sponsorship, sports marketing, and planning of different sports events on a global level.

Speaker – Lawrence Joye, France Marketing Manager, Lagardère Sports

Lagardere Sports 1024x683 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week Two

The visit helped us understand different areas of Lagardère Sports across the world like athlete representation in USA and operations in Europe. We learnt about advertising sales, naming rights, and consultation with companies as well as clubs to meet their market requirements. The company is also involved in stadium consultation, events activation planning for soccer leagues, and branding and signage of contracts for sponsors. We saw how the company manages different sports events, the challenges in sports marketing, and how consultation is a big source of revenue in the field of sports.

  • L’Union

Agenda – To understand how L’Union is contributing to the development of sports in France and how it is beneficial for society.

Speaker – Virgile Caillet, Executive Officer, L’Union

LUnion 1024x683 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week Two

L’Union is a federation of 1400 sports companies. The objective of the company is to legitimize L’Union Sport & Cycle in the political, economic, and sporting ecosystem. It also includes manufacturers of sporting goods and facilities, retailers, the cycle industry, companies of service providers, etc. It was a highly knowledgeable session that helped us know about the current scenario of sports in France. This was a completely new concept which, when developed in India, will be able to help the sports ecosystem grow faster. Private sports firms would be able to help convince government bodies to make changes in short periods of time. The union can also help sports start-ups grow. Doing so will be an encouraging move in improving facilities and uplifting sports players from rural areas.


Agenda – To understand the sports marketing agency and how it is beneficial in the ecosystem of sports.

Speaker – Benjamin Sorge, Sport Management Program Head

The company helps in designing strategies for advertisers with the right stakeholders and provides market strategies for selling rights. The client success rate is 95%. Future trends in the advertising industry include VR, hologram, and artificial intelligence, which will attract more spectators to sports. It helped us learn how the agency is reaching out to people and influencing sports through smart advertising. We learnt the different strategies that can be used for different companies to get linked with sports. This will help get more advertisers and companies for a particular sporting event and see how sports agencies can benefit from it.



  • INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance)

Agenda – To discover more about the sports training facilities for professional athletes in France.

INSEP is a French training institute for individual athletes and team sports like basketball. In the 2016 Olympics, 21 out of 42 medals came from this institute. The institute nurtures athletes from a young age, around 16-17, and helps them focus on their respective sports and improve their performance. Their nutrition and health are taken into consideration in order to improve their performance. The visit helped us learn about the training requirements of the players, the research needed to learn the requirements of the athletes during the training program, and planning of educational workshop sessions.

  • Paris 2024 Planning

Agenda – To understand the planning, implementation, and future with respect to Olympics 2024.

Paris 2024 Plan 1024x683 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week Two

The meeting helped us understand the plan and budget of the Olympics. The location of the Olympic village and its plans, the different venue plans, the theme, vision, and mission of the Olympics were also discussed along with CSR activities related to the Olympics and how they were going to benefit the society post the Olympics. The meeting helped us know how Paris is preparing for the Olympics to make it profitable for the society and how they are going to use the stadiums for the Olympics. It is a huge plus for them and helped us understand the business model around the individual arenas selected for Olympics 2024.

See what our students explored during week one of their Paris study trip.

Sports Management Study Trip to Paris – Week One

The Paris study trip is an integral part of the MBA in Sports Management program at MBA ESG, Bangalore. The trip enables students to immerse themselves into the culture and business of France. The main idea behind the trip is to transform students into professionals who are able to work with businesses at a global level. The two weeks are spent productively through visits to companies, stadiums, and different sports organizations.

This post provides an overview of week one of the Paris trip.


  • Stade de France

Agenda – To see the international football stadium and understand its dynamic functionality in the context of Olympics 2024.

01. Stade de France 30x20 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week One

The visit offered an understanding of how a multifunctional stadium is developed, taking future planning into account. We discovered how the stadium is maintained and the safety measures followed during and post a match. We learnt different sources of revenue generation from the stadium and the management of team players and fans during a match. The Olympics 2024 village, being developed nearby, helped us understand how planning is being done for the Olympics.

  • Parc des Princes (World Cup Match)

Agenda – To see how official world cup football matches are conducted.

02. Parc de Princes 30x20 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week One

The live match helped us understand how the stadium security, concessions, and the entire official management works behind the scenes during the entire match which includes commentary and official changes during the match.



  • VIP-Consulting

Agenda – To understand the functioning of the player management agency.
Speaker – Frank Hocquemiller, CEO & Founder, VIP-Consulting

DSC0124.JPG 30x20 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week One

The meeting helped us understand the function and rules of player management, mainly how young players are identified and managed. Besides this, we learnt the terms and conditions of the company how it manages players, different ways of revenue generation of the company, and the difference in the player management business in India and France.

  • National Assembly (French Parliament)

Agenda – To understand laws and diplomacy in terms of sports in the French Parliament.
Speaker – Deputy of Lorient, Gwendal Rouillard

French Parliament 30x20 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week One

The visit gave us a brief understanding of the functioning of the French Parliament and offered insights into the importance of sports for France, the relationship between India and France, and future opportunities in the field of sports between both the countries.




Agenda – To understand the vision and mission of sports start-ups.
Speakers – Phillip L and Alix Andlauer

The meeting gave us a good idea about the company, BET4FUN. It also shed light on the ideation and planning behind the set-up of the company. We discovered the requirements to become an entrepreneur and how investors have to be approached for a start-up.


Agenda – To understand media production, broadcast, and technical support of sports media and how different mergers and acquisitions happen in different parts of the world.
Speakers – Arnaud Decker, Head of International Legal Affairs and Erick Jover, Director of Media Acquisition, beIN

We learnt the essentials required to develop sports content and how the live stream of sports content is broadcast across the world. The speakers also mentioned the important acquisitions by beIN Sports. They included how media channels are fighting against illegal streaming and the need for different types of content for different regions across the globe.



  • Velodrome

Agenda – To understand the cycling arena and its utilization in Olympics 2024.

The cycling arena will be used in Olympics 2024 for BMX and cycling events. The visit enabled us to understand how, before the Olympics, the public-private partnership is helping the stadium run and maintain the arena. We learnt about different sources of revenue generation for the benefit of the venue. The areas where the France cycling team practices and how their rooms are maintained were included in the tour.



  • Session by Gerard Houiller

Agenda – To understand the importance of organizational behaviour in sports companies.

03. Gerard Houllier 30x20 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week One

The meeting helped us understand leadership and managerial qualities required in an organization, factors important for motivation, and how different people with different mind-sets are managed to successfully implement a task. The session also touched upon what positivity is and how it can be included within the organization to ensure successful results for a given task.

  • Red Bull

Agenda – To understand Red Bull and its involvement in sports.
Speaker – Thomas Kerisit, National Events Manager, Red Bull

04. Red Bull 30x20 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week One

The interactive Q&A session allowed us to learn about the founding of Red Bull, the different functional areas of Red Bull, how it is different from the other energy drink companies, the reasons for investing in extreme sports, impact of investment in football clubs like Salzburg and Leipzig, the vision and mission of Red Bull in future, and plans and ideas of Red Bull in India and France.

  • Session by Renault F1 Team

Agenda – To know more about the F1 team and how sponsorship is important in sports.
Speaker – Achille Dulac, Business Developer at Renault F1 Team

DSC0015 01.jpeg 1 30x20 - Sports Management Study Trip to Paris - Week One

The meeting enabled us to understand the complete tournament cycle of F1 races. It made us realise the impact of IT technologies for the development of F1. We gained insights into the scouting practices of F1. We also learnt Renault’s investment plan and sponsorship deals for their F1 team. The partnership and sponsorship renewal plan every year, how it is improving, and how it is different from the other sporting events were other important points discussed in the meeting.

See what our students were up to during week two of their Paris study trip.

Student Review – Sports Financing

The Sports Financing master classes were conducted by Mr. Roland Louvet.


Mr. Roland presented a case study of finance and how to manage it. He discussed the Olympics and how India can host the Games in the future. There was extensive dialogue regarding infrastructure development in India and a financial comparison was drawn between India and Europe. He also explained upcoming possible developments in Indian sports and how it can advance to Olympic levels in the upcoming years.

What made the sessions enjoyable were the discussions on trends in the Olympics, future finance options, and real-time case studies.

By showcasing comparative finance models in Asia, Europe, and America, we were able to gauge how all are different from each other. The real-time examples and problem-solving sessions on realistic issues in the sports industry truly set the session a class apart from the rest.

Sports Event Management & Sports Diplomacy – Guest Lecture

The Sports Management and Diplomacy master class was held between April 01, 2019 and April 05, 2019.


He (Mr. Julien Montel) was a really calm and organized speaker. He treated us like professionals first and students next. His meticulous research on the sports scene in India was impressive. We could really see the effort he’d put into his work.

His use of visual aids (mainly videos) to convey his points across helped us gain a good understanding of the subject. Having us observe interviews and videos to understand the concepts was quite unconventional. It was a fresh approach to learning and we enjoyed them immensely.

He treated us like professionals first and students next.

The most enjoyable part of his lectures was the comparison between the Indian sporting scenario and the ones in Europe and the Americas. His concrete knowledge and first-hand experience of the sporting scenario in Europe and the USA was immensely evident.

The discussions and assignments focused on sports were highly innovative and something that grabbed our attention.


Mr. Montel also conducted a short webinar on the Benefits and Challenges of Organizing an International Sports Event for a Country. The webinar, attended by current and prospective students, provided an understanding of how diplomacy plays an impactful role in bridging the gap between nations through sport.

Key Takeaways

  • Equip learners with an understanding of the importance of sports and its social, economic, and political impact.
  • Highlight the power of sports as a means to bring people together around international competitions.
  • Understand how Sport has become a soft power for countries and how they use sports to boost their image and reputation.
  • Understand the general requirements in selecting a country for a major international event.
  • Assess the logistical and business challenges of the host country.

You can watch the webinar below.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Sports Event Management & Sports Diplomacy – Guest Lecture

About Julien Montel

Mr. Julien Montel has over 14 years of experience as a key player in the sports industry. He has a proven track record in consulting, with more than 100 projects for sport institutions, public authorities, and companies. He currently serves as the President of JUM Consulting, which is dedicated to building sustainable and efficient models of sport at all levels and creating converging interests between sport stakeholders. He is also a visiting faculty for Sports Management and Diplomacy at MBA ESG, India.


Recruitment Drive: Decathlon

Students of our MBA Sports Management program attended a recruitment drive organized by sporting goods retailer, Decathlon. As a leading sports retailer, Decathlon designs its own products and is a well-known brand across the globe. Thus, it is one of the preferred employers for sports management graduates.

Students were vying for a regular/part-time position as Sports Leader at Decathlon’s new store in Koramangala, Bangalore. Prior to the recruitment process, all candidates were requested to bring their resumes and the interview sheet provided by Decathlon.

Selection Procedure

  • The process started with a warm-up session followed by a presentation, which provided valuable insights about the company as well as an overview of the role for which students were being recruited.
  • The second round was a physical test, which involved a beep test and team sport test.
  • The next round was Group Discussion.
  • Post the physical and group discussion rounds, selected candidates moved on to the personal interview round. This round saw two of our students getting qualified for the next round.
  • Lastly, students got into salary negotiations to confirm their selection for the role of Sports Leader at Decathlon.

Learning Outcomes

Decathlon looks for candidates who have a never-give-up attitude. Enthusiasm for sports is one of the key factors to becoming a part of the Decathlon team. Based on their project-based performance, employees can grow within the company and take up managerial and leadership positions.

The recruitment drive at Decathlon was an excellent opportunity for students to discover the company’s culture and business.

There are numerous career avenues in various sectors of sports management and the sports industry as a whole. As the number of retailers and manufacturers of sports goods and services increases, so will the demand for qualified graduates in these fields. And MBA ESG offers the ideal platform for sport enthusiasts to hone their passion and carve a rewarding career path in sports management.