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Operations Management Guest Lecture – Ajay Kumar Mandyam

The guest lecture on Operations Management was organized by MBA ESG on August 26, 2019, to provide students insights in developing a plant layout, handling the inventory, and understanding new techniques of inventory management, Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), JIT (Just-In-Time), and Jidoka (Autonomation).

Our speaker for the lecture was Mr. Ajay Kumar Mandyam from Toyota.

Mr. Mandyam demonstrated how material flow can significantly be improved through layout analysis. The improvements in plant layout will reduce material flow, allowing the company to raise one-piece-flow proposed by the Lean Manufacturing philosophy in the industry.

He also explained key concepts related to the Toyota Production System.

Image 2 MBA BLOG 30x16 - Operations Management Guest Lecture – Ajay Kumar Mandyam

About Ajay Kumar Mandyam

Mr. Ajay Kumar Mandyam is currently the Deputy Manager of Hybrid Production Engineering Department, Transmission Planning Group Japan at Toyota Motor Corporation. He holds over 18 years of industrial experience.