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MBA Sports Management at Creps Antilles-Guyane: GO for the 3rd Session!

On October 14, 2019, the 3rd session of MBA ESG’s Sports Management program was launched at Creps Antilles-Guyane. The professional training overseas, led by fifteen sports enthusiasts will take place over 18 months. The training sponsor, Willem BELOCIAN, former Creps student and semi-finalist at the Qatar World Athletics Championships in 110m hurdles in September 2019, was also present for the occasion.

Bernard DENIS, head of the MBA Sports Management program in Guadeloupe talks about his first impressions and the challenges of training for Guadeloupean sport.

“What pride to be in the piloting of such an adventure which, now I am convinced, brings to the territory an essential expertise and above all a new look at the service of the fantastic potentials of our archipelago. I am already enthusiastic to exchange with the teaching team and above all happy with all these interactions with the students who will allow them, as for other promotions, to become major players in Guadeloupean sport,” he explains.

“The new class, made up of 13 students, is still very rich in its diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and motivations. The first week will let us see a united state of mind and, above all, an overflowing desire,” he confides.

In order to better take into account innovations in sport, the Guadeloupe MBA training course is in perpetual evolution with this year – more digital, more e-learning, more projects, more scenarios, and more exchanges with local businesses.

A great adventure in perspective for the teaching team and the students!

This article was translated from French. Read the original article here.