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Launch of the MBA ESG Sports Management Program in Dakar in Partnership with the ISM Group

MBA ESG, Paris (Galileo Global Education Group) launched the first training course in Sports Management in Dakar with the ISM Senegal Group, which opened on October 30, 2019.

By starting this training in Senegal, the ISM Group aims to prepare sports professionals, passionate about this evolving universe, to become future players in the sports world in view of the Youth Olympic Games organized in the country in 2022. A “First” for Africa, which will host, on French-speaking soil, the biggest event in the world.

Abdou Diouf, Director General of ISM, talks about his ambitions in relation to this partnership:

“As part of the 2022 Youth Olympic Games, having quality expertise requires skills in the field of sports management. We challenged ourselves to participate in capacity building and the implementation of this expertise by mobilizing the skills of ESG MBAs who have been working in this field for a long time,” says Abdou Diouf.

“This training is in line with the international and professional standard of MBA ESG, which trains 90   young people practicing in the world of sport each year. It is this model that we wish to introduce in Senegal to respond to the overwhelming evolution of the sport of today and tomorrow which is becoming industrialized, globalized, digitalized, and contributes to the “better living” together of people”, he continues.

After Guadeloupe, Lebanon, India, the creation of this first “Sports” course in Dakar on the continent of “youth of the world” strengthens the desire of Galileo and MBA ESG to forge a link between the Group’s schools, to pursue the development of “Sports” training establishments and to build strong relationships with local economic circles.

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This article was translated from French. You can read the original article here.