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Brand Management in Sports Guest Lecture – Fabien Charreyre-Calvez

The Brand Management in Sports guest lecture was headed by Fabien Charreyre-Calvez, our visiting faculty from France.

Lecture Objectives

At the end of this lecture, students will be able to,

  • Understand the concept of branding within the sport industry.
  • Study the concept of image rights and protection of trademarks of sports brands.
  • Connect to the legal landscape around branding and Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Relate to challenges of setting up a branding strategy for an athlete or a sport entity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the influencing factors of brand equity among sports fans and customers.
  • Implement challenges of brand equity across the sports world.
  • Understand branding and the scope of branding in the sports industry.
  • Compare branding at IPL and ISL and other popular sports events in India.
  • Work on sports strategies for building competitive brand equity.
  • Technically analyse the case of Tour-de-France and sporting brand PUMA.
  • Set up a brand strategy for sports celebrities.
  • Analyse the role of social media in the sports industry.Understand the importance and significance and protection of sports trademarks.
  • Understand sports image rights and trademark protection, international scope in ambush marketing, and counterfeiting of sports products and services.

Connect with Fabien.