Anti laws of marketing

Anti laws of marketing: Diving into the world of luxury

As an initiative to promote direct interaction between students and industry experts and to supplement theoretical knowledge with real-world market insights, MBAESG holds regular sessions by renowned Industry leaders and professionals every month.
Anti-laws of marketing- a session based on Prof. Jean-Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastien’s “The luxury strategy”, was organized on Sep 29th, 2021 at MBA-ESG Bangalore campus. The expert of this session was the CEO of iNurture Galileo and luxury industry expert, Anup Sasidharan. Besides his decade-long experience with some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands, Anup has been closely associated with several renowned names including Louis Vuitton, LVMH, Taj Hotels, Oberoi hotels etc.

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An in-depth discussion on what defines luxury and how luxury marketing strategies work was the theme of this three-hour session.

During his session, Anup shared insights on the dynamics of the luxury industry, the buying and merchandising approach of renowned luxury brands, the buying-behavior of consumers and how they are impacting the luxury industry on a large scale, the significance of luxury client profiling, what makes luxury brands stand out from other brands etc.

To enhance the students’ learning experience, Anup encouraged them to create mood boards based on their takeaways from the session. His sole message from the session was to share an in-depth understanding about luxury brand advertising and customer connect, and their supply chain.

The session which was exclusively dedicated to MBAESG students, started with a fun filled barnstorming discussion on the definition of luxury. The session helped the students gain a practical understanding of the strategies and approaches used by luxury brands for marketing their products and creating their legacy in the global market.

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Apart from discussing luxury marketing, Anup talked about his experience working with luxury brands, and shared tips for aspiring professionals on how to become successful luxury brand managers of the future.

If you wish to follow your passion for Luxury management, pursue MBA in Luxury and fashion management from MBAESG, one of the top 10 emerging business schools in India and gain the required skills to be a successful and globally recognized luxury manager.

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Our MBA in luxury and fashion management is a 2-year full time postgraduate program that will equip you to find your niche in the global luxury industry. The industry-centric curriculum and real-life projects and classes conducted by a mix of French and Indian faculty will help you gain an in-depth knowledge of the entire gamut of the luxury industry in significantly distinctive markets.

MBA in Luxury and Fashion management program trains aspiring managers to master marketing and its applications specific to the design, communication, and international distribution of luxury goods.

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On successful completion of the program, you will receive an internationally-recognized degree from MBAESG Paris. As a part of the curriculum, there will also be a two-week immersion program in Paris, where you’ll get an opportunity to interact with the students of MBAESG Paris and have one on one interaction with luxury and fashion experts working with global luxury brands.

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Author: Abhishek