All about futsall

All about Futsal

MBAESG, French Business School students were on an educational roller coaster ride across the nuances of organizing major sporting leagues and sports events.
Students were taught how to organize FUTSAL leagues, entirely led by the Sports Management students of MBAESG. This session helped them get the accurate picture behind organizing sporting events, starting from ideation to the execution phase.

Here is what Raghavi, Year 1, MBA Sports Management student has to say about what her key takeaways from the session were.

“It was indeed an intuitive session. We got the entire picture of how an event is organized and what goes into it.

We also learned about the basic concepts of organizing and managing things on and off the field.

We were taught from scratch how to manage activities from scratch to post-event.

We also learned how Howard League/Knockout tournament should be organized, go-to-market, project charter, conceptualization, event branding, vendors finalization, etc.

Overall, we went on a knowledge hunt of all the why’s, who’s, what’s, where’s, how’s, and when’s(before organizing an event).”

Author: Abhishek