The Galileo-Studialis Network



Galileo Global Education is a global leader in education with partnerships with 37 reputed schools in 10 countries, catering to over 100,000 students across the world with the aim of “Transforming your enthusiasm into professional success.” With bases in France, Italy, UK, Germany, Mexico, China, India, and Senegal Galileo truly deserves the tag of a global education leader.


Galileo Global Education strives to instil in each student the dedication to originality, perseverance, innovation and selflessness to move the world toward a greater goal. Its
mission is to be the world education leader in innovation, creativity, arts and culture – one of the most promising higher education segments over the short and long term,
everywhere in the world.

During their studies at these schools, students can redirect themselves toward a wide range of other educational channels. The right to make a mistake, to be supported along non-linear educational paths and a wide spectrum of academic options are other strong components of the global experience offered by Galileo.

Marketing, Advertising, Design, Graphic Design, 3D Design/Animation, Fashion, Art Appreciation, Cultural Management, Art Business, Events, Audiovisual, Media, Web Marketing; Galileo Global Education gives students the best possible training in their field of choice. It brings the design and management worlds together, thus boosting innovation in all related areas.