8 Best Hospitality Management Jobs

8 Best Hospitality Management Jobs

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Hospitality management is a rewarding career path, owing to the extensive number of jobs roles and responsibilities it includes. While India has mastered the hospitality part, the management is where it needs work. A booming economy like India is sure to bring in hefty investments in the hospitality sector , opening doors to various careers along the way. And that’s good news for those interested in a career in hospitality!

Employment opportunities with a hospitality management degree are far greater and more exciting compared to a simple hotel management degree. If you are confused between the two, here’s a handy guide to the difference between hotel and hospitality management.

Now that you’re familiar with what the hospitality sector entails, take a look at 8 of the best jobs you can pursue with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in hospitality management.

Hotel Manager: A hotel manager is one of the most important positions in a hotel. A hotel manager is responsible for managing employees and for planning, coordinating, and administering hotels services such as accommodations, food and beverage operations, housekeeping, bookkeeping, etc. It’s the efficiency of a hotel manager that ensures each and every unit of the hotel runs smoothly without any hiccups.

  • Salary range: INR 1,80,300 – INR 24,93,725


Revenue Manager: The primary responsibilities of a revenue manager include analysing booking patterns and market trends, monitoring and forecasting competitor and revenue performances, and providing support to finance managers, directors of sales, and general managers.

  • Salary range: INR 3,19,920 – INR 11,93,575


Hotel Operations Manager: A hotel operations manager has an excellent level of commercial awareness. He/she is responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship with internal and external guests. Highlighting short- to long-term issues to the various heads of departments (budgeting and forecasting) is also a key role of the operations manager.

  • Salary range: INR 2,90,994 – INR 14,71,709 (salary range of any operations manager)


Sales and Marketing Manager: Sales and marketing, while two different entities of business, are important for any industry to succeed. Sales and marketing managers generate revenue by attracting customers from various segments of the industry including business and leisure. This requires a high understanding of what customers are looking for and a keen ear for industry news to deliver the right kind of service.

  • Salary range: INR 2,33,715 – INR 12,52,979


Resort Manager: A resort manager’s role is similar to that of a hotel manager with the only difference being the managing establishment – a resort. He/she is responsible for maintaining the accommodation and all hospitality services (food and beverage operations) and overseeing resort staff in all departments – from hospitality to sports and entertainment.

  • Average salary: Approximately INR 8,70,000


Restaurant Manager: A restaurant manager or restaurant supervisor is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a restaurant or any eatery. They are responsible for various operational and managerial tasks such as hiring and training staff, ensuring the quality of service is up to set standards, and also work on the sales aspects of the establishment.

  • Salary range: INR 2,40,606 – INR 6,80,141


Food and Beverage Manager: Food and beverage managers handle all the administrative and logistical needs of an establishment, be it a hotel, restaurant, or any organization at all which deals with food and drink. They oversee the menu, prepare budgets, address customer issues, track inventory, and manage catering staff among other responsibilities.

  • Salary range: INR 2,30,263 – INR 17,61,502


Tourist Accommodation Consultant: Be it a formal or casual visit, travel is always a part of every guest’s itinerary. A Tourist Accommodation Consultant is responsible for preparing travel itineraries in a way that fulfils their client’s needs and ensuring they enjoy their time. They also have to handle visa, baggage, and other immigration-related queries in case of international travel.

  • Salary range: INR 1,61,826 – INR 5,00,581


If you’d like to be a part of this exciting industry, opt for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Hospitality Management program from MBA ESG. The program equips you with essential skills and competencies that the hospitality industry demands. It prepares you, through intensive practical sessions and internships, to efficiently face the challenges of the industry and hastens your success in it.

Salary range source:Payscale

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