5 most iconic FIFA world cup moments

FIFA World Cup is a global celebration for football fans. It is the much-awaited event that leaves us each time with images and memories of the team, players and fans that will last forever. Think of that jaw-dropping goal, that epic emotional yet joyous team celebration of a win or that moment of sheer genius goal save – the FIFA World Cup never fails to deliver us with iconic moments representing entertainment, pain, loss, wins, excitement, and so much more.

Each rendition of the tournament is an eagerly awaited one worldwide, so while we are all glued to the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, let’s take a walk down memory lane with some of the iconic moments from prior world cups (FIFA):

David Beckham’s penalty against Argentina at the 2002 World Cup

Beckham is a global sensation and a strong inspiration for millions. In the year 2002 – also coined as Beckham’s redemption, David came out as a hero earning this country a vital victory and marking the end of his negative image portrayed by the world cup prior.

After being highly criticized for the England team’s exit from the 1998 FIFA World Cup after the country lost a penalty shootout to Argentina, David returned with a bang to restore his reputation with his stellar performance during the 2022 World Cup and his all-conquering attitude with Manchester United. This rebuilding relationship with his fans in the stands was dramatic. David was shown a red card before the penalty shootout since he had kicked Argentina’s Diego Simeone, for which the team and he faced a lot of flak for his actions.

In 2002 against a game with Argentina, David made his way to the 12-yard spot with all global eyes on him and kicked the ball just enough to earn his redemption, defining it as the top moment in his career.

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Germany beats Brazil 7-1 in Brazil at the 2014 World Cup

The short story of the match is that Germany was up by 5-0 in the first 29 mins, and Klose was one of the record World Cup scorers. This match is iconic for the epic win Germany bagged, and the biggest World Cup defeat for Brazil at home.

Neymar, Brazil’s star player, was already out of the game before kick-off due to his injury, and captain Thiago Silva was also absent. This loss was Brazil’s biggest in 39 years, ending their hopes of making it to the world cup finals in their own home country. The fans were reduced to tears and a state of shock.

The match saw Miroslav Klose break the World Cup scoring record, Toni Kross adding two goals in less than 3 minutes, and Sami Khedira scoring a fifth goal leading to Andre Schurrle adding two more goals for the most significant margin win for Germany with Brazil.

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Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” in Mexico 1986

The 1986 World Cup is famous for Diego’s infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal he scored against England. Diego is one of football’s golden players and a legend from Argentina. His controversial goal saw him punch the ball into the net when he was going up for a challenge with England’s goalkeeper – Peter Shilton. This moment is iconic simply because of its sheer timing and how it happened.

During the match’s second half, the teams were locked in 0-0, and Maradona was waltzing down his way before attempting to pass the ball to a teammate. When the teammate failed to control the pass from Maradona and got the ball rolling in the air rushing towards Maradona and England’s keeper Peter Shilton, Maradona managed to punch the ball with his left hand past the English keeper, who was moving to hit the ball away from the nets himself. Maradona managed to get the ball in and instantly began goal celebration, and the referee Ali Bennaceur awarded the goal despite protest from English players who saw the handball.

Maradona’s goals helped Argentina to secure their passage to the semi-finals.

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Ronaldinho’s outrageous free kick lobbing David Seaman at the 2002 World Cup

All moments in the FIFA World Cup managed to bring two sides of the coin in, one that is of sheer joy for one set of fans and team while another is heart-breaking. This story cannot represent the joy for one with shock and silence for another any better. It’s when the football star Ronaldinho broke a million English fans’ hearts with his remarkable 40-yard free-kick, scoring a goal leaving David Seaman in shock and awe.

This is also when Ronaldinho’s announced subtly to the world he’s arrived with style. His goal here put him on the global map, and everyone was intrigued to know who this guy was. This world cup moment is also iconic because not only Brazil won the match against England but also went on to become the tournament winners defeating Germany 2-0 and claiming their fifth world cup.

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Senegal beats France at the Japan/South Korea World Cup 2002

If we talk about historic moments, this is not to be missed!
Senegal not only stunned France to open the ever-so-historic 2022 FIFA World Cup hosted in South Korea and Japan but also stunned every viewer, fan, and team. Being tournament rookies, Senegal’s steady defence and their striker Papa Bouba Diop deflection off the French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez and his teammates helping him with defenders helped the team score their first goal.

France was playing without their star player Zindedine Zidane and never recovered from this goal. If you are still looking for what was iconic, Senegal beat the previous World Cup champs. Talk about a sensational start to the tournament and a first with many to follow.

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Author: Mankiran