5 Magnificent Luxury Travel Destinations Around The World

The world is huge, and there are many amazing places to explore in this life. The options are endless when it comes to visit the most popular luxury destinations in the world.  However, for the last few years, the pandemic has put a halt to all our travel plans.

Whether you are looking for a private island to have a much-needed escape from your monotonous routine or you just want to chill alone in a cozy five-star spa hotel, below are a few places you may consider adding to your list of luxury travel gateways this year.

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Popular for fjords rides, Norway is one of the best luxury travel destinations in the world. One can experience a long fjord cruise or set off on a boat ride to get immersed in the wild and savour delicious fish specialities prepared by local chefs. Moreover, the phenomena of the Northern Lights are what make this beautiful country one of the most magnificent destinations for luxury lovers.

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The eastern Mediterranean island, of Cyprus, is popular for its historic towns, blue flag beaches, rolling hills, warm hospitality, and olive groves. Whether someone wants to have a playful diving encounter or gorge on tropical Mediterranean delicacies, Cyprus definitely has something to offer everyone.

With 326 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations for luxury travel. With the warm Mediterranean lapping the sun-kissed beaches, many visitors come to Cyprus just to spend time relaxing by the sea. Constantinou Bros Asimina Suites Hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel for adults that make a perfect retreat for couples and groups who want to relax by the beach & enjoy the delectable Cypriot cuisines.

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Rome, Italy

Italian wine, Italian pasta, and Italian romance are worth a trip if you are in search of a perfect luxury destination in Rome. Right from spacious, picturesque places, such as the Tuscan countryside or the Alps, to a world of mesmerizing architecture, great food, history, museums, historical monuments, shopping, and great gelato, Rome is where you can experience it all together. One may wish to walk through the Colosseum and the Roman Forum where Julius Caesar, Nero, and Romulus used to rule. Featuring Empire style furniture, indoor swimming pools that are styled after Pompeian baths and bohemian chandeliers, the Westin Excelsior has a perfect stay for luxury travel seekers and become a symbol of Italian opulence throughout the years and considered a favourite by people looking for a cosy and lavish experience in the city.

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Perth, Australia

If you are passionate about wildlife photography or just in love with wilderness and wildlife, the Heirisson Island in Perth, Australia is a wonderful destination for you. These days the main wild creature on this island are mobs of kangaroos. Besides, Perth is a great place to enjoy activities like surfing, hiking, camping, and sunbathing at the beach. One more reason to visit this vibrant country is its vibrant festivals and celebrations. They are known for their eccentric vibes, top style, and splendour. If you are a lover of wine, then you can enjoy a rich and varied range of award-winning local wines. You can experience the taste of the thriving food scene, courtesy of executive chef Jed Gerrard, and David Thompson’s Thai street-food joint at OMO The Treasury in Perth. A fitting emblem of the new Perth city, COMO The Treasury is a part of the ambitious Cathedral Square development, a $580 million reinvention of a cluster of the 19th-century state treasury and Anglican Diocese buildings, which had sat empty for more than 20 years before the COMO outpost moved in.

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Bali is a perfect place for luxurious breaks, especially after a long period of staying indoors because of the pandemic. This volcanic island provides a myriad of natural wonders in the forms of hot springs and waterfall trails to world-famous beaches, rice paddies and mud baths. Traditional crafts, arts, temples, and shrines won’t disappoint you once you are at this place. This Indonesian island is an ideal destination for party lovers, as there are many luxurious pool clubs and rooftop bars to explore. Whatever your interests are, Bali won’t fail to mesmerize you with everything that is needed to make your stay a lavish one.

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Author: Abhishek