2-week Paris Trip with the MBA in Hospitality Management

2-week Paris Trip with the MBA in Hospitality Management

Tourism and Hospitality Industry in India

An internship or study trip abroad is a great way for you to experience hotel and, more broadly, hospitality management from a global perspective. A study trip, especially one abroad, will help you acclimate yourself to business practices and management systems that you may not be learning in India. Thus, it provides a unique learning avenue for you to broaden your horizons academically and professionally.

MBA ESG’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospitality Management program offers a 2-week trip to Paris that will cover all aspects of the hospitality industry and the business it involves. The 2-week Paris trip is more of a study trip than an internship. Students of the Hospitality Management program will be visiting different classes of hotels and restaurants, meeting their management teams, learning the day-to-day workings of these establishments, and also visiting a few of the most important landmarks in Paris.

Here’s an overview of the itinerary of the Paris trip of the Hospitality Management program at MBA ESG.*

Week 1 Session Theme Events
Day 1 Morning Hospitality’s Overview
Day 1 Afternoon Hotel Visits: Upscale
Day 2 Morning Hospitality’s Markets
Day 2 Afternoon Hotel Visits : Boutique Hotels Dinner In A French Brasserie
Day 3 Morning Hotel Trends In Europe
Day 3 Afternoon Meetings With Hotel Group Executives
Day 4 Morning French Tourism Actors And Policies
Day 4 Afternoon Meeting With Tourism Actors
Day 5 Morning Food Tasting And Discovery In Gourmet Restaurants
Day 5 Afternoon Food Typologies In Europe And France Dinner In A Gourmet Restaurant


Week 2 Session Theme Events
Day 1 Morning Hotel Visits: Midscale Independent And Group Hotels
Day 1 Afternoon Hotel Visits: Midscale Independent And Group Hotels
Day 2 Morning Food Trends In Europe And France
Day 2 Afternoon Food Safari In Restaurant Lunch In One Of The Visited Restaurant
Day 3 Morning Paris Visit: Monuments: Eiffel Tower
Day 3 Afternoon Paris Visit: Museum: Louvre – Seine River Touring Lunch On River Boat
Day 4 Morning Champagne And Winery Visits Lunch In A Typical Restaurant
Day 4 Afternoon Champagne And Winery Visits
Day 5 Morning Two Weeks Syntesis Meeting With Students
Day 5 Afternoon Free Afternoon For Visits In Paris: Shopping


As you can see, there is an exciting array of events planned for 2 weeks that are both educational and recreational. This will give you a clear understanding of how the hospitality industry works on a global scale. France, being the connoisseur of hospitality and tourism , is one of the best places to experience both the business and leisure side of the industry.

The study trip will also add a lot of weight to your resume. It shows that you have experience with travel and worked outside your comfort zone. Since the hospitality industry deals with meeting and interacting with different types of people and personalities, this trip will help you get accustomed to cultural shifts that will occur frequently in your career.

*Please note: The fees for the Paris trip have to be borne by the students themselves.

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