Work-Study Program at MBA ESG, France

Students at MBA ESG

Aware of the importance of professional experience in student life, MBA ESG have set the schedules of all specialized training courses on an alternating pace.

Generally, all MBAs take place over a 6-month period of classes taught for 2 to 3 days per week, and then a 6-month full-time period in a company. The alternation can be done under two types of contracts: professionalization contract or internship agreements.

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Internships at MBA ESG

Internships are integrated into the training curriculum. They are part of a pedagogical coherence and are a genuine commitment by the companies. Under an internship agreement you retain your student status. Under certain conditions, the company provides compensation to you. The internship service provides students with assistance and advice in the definition of their professional project.

The internship office is an interlocutor:

  • Informing companies about the range of training and specializations offered, help them to define the profiles sought and coordinate their recruitment campaigns.
  • Helping students through personalized coaching for writing resumes and cover letters.
  • Distributing more than 10,000 internship offers by companies on MBA ESG extranet, that can be consulted in real time by the students.

The professionalization contract

Do you want to complete your MBA (in 1 or 2 years) with a professionalization contract? This is your opportunity to develop your professional abilities while financing your studies. For the company, on the other hand, it is the assurance of having a motivated, involved and operational collaborator.

What is a professionalization contract?

The professionalization contract was created to promote access to a vocational qualification and give access to employment. It is a contract work-study contract, which combines the general, professional and pedagogical courses taught within the school and the acquisition of know-how in the workplace.

With the status of employee, you benefit from all the laws, regulations and collective agreements applicable to the personnel of the company. However, you will not get the benefit of school holidays.

The training costs are borne by the OPCA of the company.

The work hours, which include the time spent in class, may not exceed the weekly hours specified in the undertaking. From an initial period of 10 to 24 months at MBA ESG, the professionalization contract can be renewed once if its beneficiary has not obtained the qualification referred to.


  • All 1st year students of MBA ESG, and students of the MBA 1st year Hotel Management
  • Age not more than 26 years.
  • Aged 26 and above, previously enrolled in the ANPE, as jobseekers


  • Under 21: 65% of SMIC or conventional minimum
  • From 21 years to 25 years old: 80% of SMIC or conventional minimum
  • More than 26 years: at least the minimum wage or 85% of the ordinary minimum remuneration

Support by the ESG Group in search of a professionalization contract

The ESG Group has set up a unique structure and a support system to help you find your professionalization contract. The Corporate Relations Department is made up of 18 people dedicated to placement assistance: corporate relations and key accounts to receive offers of internships or professional contracts, conducting workshops for research techniques, training in interviews, placement of tenders on the Career Centre, administrative editing of files, etc.

Each year, we receive about 1500 job offers. Large companies entrust us with part of the recruitment of their employees on an alternating basis.

SSome examples in 2016 :

  • Orange : 80 posts in all fields
  • SNCF : 20 posts
  • BNP Paribas : 50 positions

Attention: We do not find you a contract. We will offer all the help we can give you. However, it is you, your commitment, your energy and your involvement that will help you find the contract.

Follow these steps

Students must search for a host company in advance because the contracts must be settled before the beginning of the course.

The different steps to follow: 

  • Submit your admission application to the school (your application will be studied and you will be able to pass the selection interview).
  • Once declared eligible for the course, register yourself. To reserve your place a deposit of €800 has to be submitted. Our classes have limited seats.
  • After registering, you will receive all the support you need to find a company in our Corporate Relations Department: research techniques workshops, training sessions, administrative set-up of the file, and you have access to all the offers we receive.
  • If you have finalized the company: Share the contact details of the in-charge of Professionalization Contracts with them: Myriam Temstet:
  • Send us a copy of your identity card, a photocopy of your vital card, a copy of your updated CV.
  • The host company will ask you to sign the CERFA (apprenticeship) contract, as well as the training agreement, before sending it to the OPCA *.
  • When the agreement is signed, we will refund the deposit of €800. As the first contract returns are made at the end of August, and in view of the large volume to be processed (approximately 1,200), reimbursement will be made within ninety days of the start of the school year and the reception of the training agreement signed by the company.
  • If you do not have a contract at the beginning of the course, you can then switch to the original training (with possibility of paid internship).


* The OPCA is a joint body approved by the State, which collects the financial contributions of enterprises falling within its scope in the framework of the financing of continuing vocational training for employees of private-sector companies.

You are a student

The Corporate Relations Department

Throughout their schooling, the Corporate Relations Department supports students and young graduates at MBA ESG. Through the services it offers, they can:

  • Check the various internship offers published each week on the Career Centre, accessible via the student extranet.
  • Participate in various recruitment events, such as the Ecole-Entreprises Forum, the Forum of Special Recruitment for Hotels, dedicated schedules for a company.
  • Take advantage of the various interventions conducted by professionals: thematic conferences, contests and challenges.
  • Optimize their visibility on the net thanks to our partnership with Jobteaser and thus create their profile directly via their extranet space
  • Build your professional project with internship managers
  • The Corporate Relations Department is an authentic interface between students and companies. It aims to promote the professional integration of students and young graduates by increasing the points of contact with recruiters and professionals.

The Ecole-Entreprises Forum

Every year in March, the ESG Group organizes the Ecole-Entreprises Forum. For 2 days, more than 80 companies come to meet the students.

This forum is a big opportunity for our students to find their internship or their first job. It also helps our young graduates to find CDD or CDI (Permanent or Fixed Term work contracts).

Are You a Company and want to offer an opportunity to the students of MBA ESG?

If you would like to contact the MBA to:

  • Recruit an MBA ESG student or submit an internship or job offer
  • Participate in our recruitment forums
  • Set up a partnership, a project with MBA ESG

Please or write to: Srinivas Shinde, Vice President- Partner Acquisition, iNurture Education Solutions (email to: