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MBA ESG’s MBAs in SMBG 2017 rankings

MBA ESG’s MBA in SMBG 2017 rankings

MBA ESG in SMBG / Eduniversal France and World Rankings

The SMBG / Eduniversal rating agency is the leading law firm in France that specializes in guidance in the field of higher education. For over 10 years, SMBG has ranked the best Masters and MBA in France in 52 specializations. The 3 ranking criteria are - the reputation of the training, the entry-level salary and career prospects at the end of the training program, as well as the student satisfaction of the course. Its aim is to classify the best training courses and to inform candidates of the quality of the training courses available in France.
The SMBG / Eduniversal Classification of the Best Masters, MS and MBA is the only classification in France that evaluates training, not institutions today, thanks to a sectoral approach and according to market criteria only. It is considered a true criterion for hone in on the choice of future training.

Best Masters, MS and MBA 2017 - France

The 19 MBA ESG in the France Eduniversal / SMBG 2017 ranking of the Best Masters, MS and MBA:

  • MBA Communication and Events – 2nd
  • MBA Purchasing Management – 10th
  • MBA Supply Chain Management – 16th
  • MBA Audit and Management Control – 7th
  • MBA Asset Management – 10th
  • MBA e-Business – 2nd
  • MBA Marketing and Advertising – 17th
  • MBA Audio-Visual Production – 3rd
  • MBA Business Law - Corporate Lawyer – 9th
  • MBA Commerce International – 7th
  • MBA Management and Business Management – 8th
  • MBA Management and Marketing of Luxury – 7th
  • MBA Sport Management – 3rd
  • MBA Hotel Management – 3rd
  • MBA Strategies and Consulting – 8th
  • MBA Management of Music Production and Artist Development – 5th
  • MBA Finance and E-Risk Management – 13th

The MBA Human Resources Management enters at 20th position in the 2017 rankings!
And a special mention for the MBA Big Data, Chief Data Officer who received the Innovation Award.

Eduniversal / SMBG Best Masters and MBA - Worldwide

  • The 7 MBA ESG included in the global Eduniversal / SMBG rankings for Best Masters and MBA Ranking 2016:
  • MBA Sports Management – 17th
  • MBA E-Business – 28th
  • MBA Hotel Management – 32nd
  • MBA Commerce International – 39th
  • MBA Management and Marketing of Luxury – 22nd
  • MBA Supply Chain Management – 80th
  • MBA Music Production Management and Artist Development – 34th
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