Professionalization at MBA ESG, France

Professionalization at MBA ESG, France

The company forms the foundation of our education and pedagogical projects, in order to make the students employable professionals, to develop their network and thus accelerate their integration into the world of work.
The company is at the core of the training and is the foundation of the pedagogy at MBA ESG. Through different means, students come into contact with companies and are confronted with real problems of the professional world. This boosts their professional commitment, as well as their employability.

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Professional projects

Professional projects form the basis of MBA program at MBA ESG and helps to promote students’ professional involvement.
Marketing projects and consulting projects in case of companies, competitions, challenges and agency competitions; they enable the students to work, in project mode, with professionals on real-life scenarios.


The stages of a professional project:

At the outset: The company shares a real problem as a live case for the students (e.g., how to rejuvenate and revitalize its image, develop digital communication actions, promote an artist)

The project mode: The students form working groups, generally in 3’s or 4’s. The goal of professional projects is also to learn how to work in a team.

The tutoring sessions: The Education Manager of the training or the Teacher, who supervises the professional project, regularly (every week or fortnight or so) organizes work sessions and follow-ups. The objective is to measure the advancement of groups, advise them, guide them or reorient them, make them ask the right questions, set goals for the next session.

The file and the defense: After 2 months of work exposure, the groups of students create a complete file on their project and support it before a jury composed of the Educational Director (or Teacher of MBA ESG) and the representatives of the business.

A score is defined based on several criteria, including collaboration and teamwork, method of work, student proposal and recommendation.

The professional thesis

The professional thesis, completed as a group, is a step towards obtaining an MBA degree at MBA ESG. It enables the development of specialized and operational skills of the students at all stages, from the canvassing of the companies to the defense.
Each group of students is sponsored by a company. They will submit a research project to their respective companies. The theme of the professional thesis will focus on a real problem, specific to this undertaking. The research process leads the students to go beyond simple intuitions and to mobilize theories, concepts and analytical grids relevant to finding solutions for the company's questions.


Launched in October 2012, MBA ESG’s professional seminar cycles aim to bring together current students, experts, decision-makers, business leaders, politicians, representatives of major national and international organizations. Professional conferences organized by MBA ESG allow students to learn, to improve and also to refine their professional project, to discover the major players in the sectors that interest them and to develop their own network.
More than 80 professional conferences are organized each year and are integrated into the curriculum of each MBA program: MBA ESG film debates, MBA ESG Alumni Conferences, Music Production Conferences, Hotel Conferences, Finance Tuesdays, Conferences of Social Entrepreneurship.

Professionalization at MBA ESG, France


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