The associations of ESG group

The ESG Group's associations

ESG Business Schools Associations
Every year, the ESG Group's associations strive to make the campus of the school come alive! They are an essential part of the campus and community development.

They are responsible for building a network, a team spirit, and fostering a sense of cooperation and involvement among the students, through the various events that are organized throughout the academic year.

This year, the associations have once again demonstrated their commitment through activities, such as induction weekend, graduation gala and activities planned around seasonal events, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mardi-Gras, etc.

Through these associations, students can participate in school evenings, go skiing and improve their profile for the professional world thanks to the help with their CV and / or LinkedIn profile.

The different ESG Group Associations are: BDE, BDS, Gala, Study Event, Ski and Media.

Here are some photographs of the events that were carried out by the Associations on the school year 2016-2017: