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Ambition Incubator at MBA ESG, France

Success for your start-up project

The first months of a project are both the most exciting and the most critical, as you decide whether to embark on a start-up journey or takeover a business. The Ambition incubator plays an essential role in the maturation and implementation of the entrepreneurial project.

Since its creation in September 2012, Ambition aims to:

  • Support and guide
  • Facilitate access to a professional network, financing structures, advice and a pool of professionals expert in the creation and takeover of companies
  • Raise awareness of entrepreneurial culture
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Quel accompagnement ?

L'incubateur Ambition propose un accompagnement individualisé et à la carte. Les incubés sont suivis sur une période de 6 mois maximum. Ils bénéficient de 30h de conseil prises en charge par l’incubateur Ambition avec la possibilité de faire appel à des spécialistes : juriste, fiscaliste, expert digital business, banquier, cabinet d’études… Tout au long de leur incubation, des conférences sont proposées aux porteurs de projet sur des thématiques liées à la création d’entreprise.

Comment postuler ?

Téléchargez le dossier de candidature Ambition Incubator.

Les dossiers sont étudiés et sélectionnés selon les critères suivants :

  • La réponse à une offre clairement identifiée.
  • Le réalisme du projet dans sa globalité.
  • Un besoin particulier de la part du porteur du projet.

Pour toutes informations :
Anne-Catherine ANTUNES
Responsable de l’incubateur Ambition


Feedback on ‘Max at Table’, incubated 2013





The concept:

‘Max to table!’ is a concept of Fast Food connected to new technologies. The restaurant, located in the Chartrons district of Bordeaux, is equipped with interactive tables that allow you to order, read the press, go to YouTube, listen to music, recharge your phone, navigate The Web, play...
The clients also come for the culinary concept that includes traditional products of snacking but also the flagship product – a gourmet burger, hence the name the ‘hambourgeois’! All the dishes are homemade and prepared only from fresh produce.
Matthias Cadet (class of 2013) won the trophy of innovation of the ‘Etoiles du Commerce’ and ‘l'Artisanat of Bordeaux’ 6 months after the opening of his restaurant. Today the group Max at table! Is expanding and offering participatory financing and franchising. The launch of several franchise stores is planned in other cities of France and Europe.

What the incubator will provide him:

  • Refine the unique concept of catering, thanks to meetings with entrepreneurship professionals.
  • Benefit from the support of people outside the project to step back and validate the potential of the project.
  • Develop a business plan that will enable banks to be identified.
  • Assist in the opening of the pilot restaurant in Bordeaux.

Focus on LiXian, incubated 2016. The concept:

LiXian will be the indispensable tool for companies that want to improve their productivity, to eliminate the complexity and cost of information retrieval, and to facilitate exchanges between employees.
Brainchild of Joël Jakubowicz, from the class of 2015, this project is currently in the Ambition Incubator.
LiXian, a Swiss Army Knife project management software, was born from the experience of this engineer, who synthesized the best practices gleaned throughout his career during various assignments and job roles in the computer and telecommunications industry. Today, Joel’s ambition is to use this prototype as the foundation for his future software publishing company.

What the incubator will provide him:

  • Apply his business plan, developed during his course, including validating the statutes of his future company, preparing sales contracts, and avoiding pitfalls of industrial property, but also find a working atmosphere,
  • Exchange with other incubates
  • Make a POC (Proof Of Concept) to demonstrate the power of the LiXian model
  • Develop relevant business cases and demonstrate the merits of meeting and sharing around a collaborative tool
  • Starting companies to find ambassadors