For more than 30 years, MBA ESG, among Europe’s leading B-schools, has been producing trained professionals. Each year, through various channels, we offer students the opportunity to get in touch with companies and to be confronted with real scenarios.
Commitment, responsibility, and solidarity are the values that students will share by integrating MBA ESG's program and the community of 13,000 graduates.

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The company at the heart of training

Professionalization is the primary mission of MBA ESG. Professional projects, professional theses, student clubs and conferences. Each year, through various channels, MBA ESG offers students the opportunity to get in touch with the corporate world to have a first-hand experience with real-world problems.
Our faculty, which comprises more than 70% of professionals, allows students of MBA ESG to move closer to the professional world.

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MBA ESG relies on an active network of educational and professional partners:

  • More than 300 partner companies
  • 14,000 job offers offered to students of ESG Group per year
  • 850 internship agreements

MBA ESG - Eduniversal - SMBG rankings


MBA ESG's 19 MBAs are in the Eduniversal-SMBG 2017 ranking of the Best Masters, MS and MBA programs (ranked France in 52 specialties). The 3 ranking criteria are - the reputation of the training, the salary level and career prospects at the end of the training, as well as the student-satisfaction of the course itself. The Eduniversal-SMBG rating agency is the leading law firm in France that specializes in guidance in the field of higher education.
In addition to this ranking, SMBG / Eduniversal publishes its official ranking of the top 4000 Masters and MBA programs worldwide, in 30 specializations every year. MBA ESG's 7 MBAs are ranked in 2016.

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Prestigious educational partnerships

Among other things, the MBA ESG aims to reinforce the skills and managerial responsibility of its future graduates and foster solidarity. Two prestigious educational partnerships have been set up within MBA ESG.

  • Florent Executive has partnered with MBA ESG to offer seminars such as "Public Speaking" and "Managerial Mind-set" to students in all programs.
  • Some MBA ESG students can obtain the ‘Companieros labels (Handi Manager and HF Manager (Disability Management)). These labels are a sign of enrichment of the professional career and of belonging to a network of voluntary participants to advance the stakes of diversity.


Recognition by prestigious sponsors

The sponsors of MBA ESG are national and international figures whose support contributes to the visibility of the ESG Group's schools. They take part in the graduation ceremony, a solemn and moving moment that strengthens the ties of successive generations of students.